I really appreciate the world in its beauty. The opportunities that come before us traveling into different worlds and exploring new places and cultures. Learning new things such as sports and how it connects to differentcultures is an amazing adventure.
I recently discovered that I have passion for Brazil. I am of Latin decent and my interest with Brazil is the people and the commonly similarities we share here in the U.S . I.e slavery in the 1800 and currents events such as the issues with of health care and Proverty.
Someday I want to visit Brazil and the thing I want to see is the Brazilian Tree.
I don’t know what to say about relationships and people believing in foundation and structure.The main element, communication seems to exist in a far , far, far away place.. Its a dramatic situation every time. I withdraw from your comment space, find a chair in the corner and I look across the area just to see what you can find. Being observant. I look to one place, and that particular place i want to be comfort. Holding hand; the thoughts of the next day spending it together. As we laying back on the couch watching a good sci fi movie, something you’ve never seen before. What is the journey

What do you do when you learn that the family members that you grew up with as a child aren’t really a relative of yours.
I just recently discovered that the cousins who have different fathers. Quite to my surprise it brought in awareness over me about my own family, brothers and sister. The thought occurred my brother and sister truly conceive by my mother and father or are there hidden secret .